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We’re very happy to welcome you to the third annual Baileys Treat Report; a lick-your-lips look at the tastiest trends in adult treating, compiled by Baileys and packed full of insights from those in-the-know, including leading food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye. It’s also sprinkled with local insights from a cohort of global treat leaders, casting their expert eye over what we’ll be treating ourselves with over the next 12 months, so let’s dig into a few of our favourites!

Leche Love

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We all know how important it is to enjoy a little bit of comfort food. And Leche Frita (fried milk) is just the ticket. This traditional Basque dessert is formed from a thick custard, which is divvied up, deep fried in batter or breadcrumbs, then doused with cinnamon sugar. What you’re left with is a nibble that’s crispy on the outside and soft as a cloud on the inside. The best news? It’s easy to throw in your own twist – you could experiment with coconut milk, flavour the custard with lemon, or even pop a raspberry in the middle. However you make them, you’ll feel like you’re wrapping yourself up in a fleecy blanket when you tuck in. If you really want to up the comfort factor, eat them warm, dunked into a creamy hot chocolate or a dirty chai Baileys™ coffee. Duvet day, anyone?
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80's Nostalgia

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This year, the spirit of nostalgia is alive and kicking. Which is probably why the 80s are coming back with a bang. This era is whacky, retro and, more importantly, a hell of a lot of fun. And nothing has that fun 80s feel like bright pink bubblegum. This year, we’ll be seeing things like bubblegum cloud fudge, light as a feather and with that all-important retro flavour. That bubblegum taste will be introduced to everything from coffees to shakes, then topped off with glossy, edible bubbles. All you’ll have to do is polish off your shoulder pads and spandex.
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A Rosy Glow

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We all know it’s time for us to stop and smell the roses. But in 2023, we’re going to be eating them, too. We’re going to see delicate rose petals making their way into loads of our treats, whether they’re floating in a refreshing strawberry-rose agua fresca, or sprinkled on a white chocolate bark. There’s a gorgeous sense of nostalgia to roses… whether they remind you of the chintzy patterns on your granny’s wallpaper, or the handmade petal perfume you used to make as a kid (just us?!) This trend is all at once old fashioned and bang up to date – it’s about nature, nostalgia and, let’s face it, a treat that’ll look damn good on the ‘gram.
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