Our Manga section spanned from our Comics section and our Anime section, when we actually realized that the manga market is large enough to merit a standalone category. Just like anime, manga titles will bring you everything: romance, action, horror, fantasy, crime, science-fiction, and much more. If you’re ever in a dilemma as to whether you’ll find something you want in a manga, do not worry – you’ll definitely find at least one manga title that will meet your standards, so definitely give it a go.

This is what our Manga writers actually want to do – they want to help you enjoy manga as much as they do. Our dedicated writers are lifelong manga fans with a vast reading experience that can cover a variety of titles and subgenres of manga. Whether you want the latest information on the publications, the most up-to-date release schedules for upcoming chapters and volumes, in-depth analyses and comparisons of characters and stories, as well as suggestions as to what you should read next if you liked one title or another, our manga writers will have it covered and will provide you with the best possible content online. This is a section we are very proud of and is a growing one with lots of content coming in the future.