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treating each other:
Diversity & Inclusion


Treating is universally loved. It’s something we can all get behind and the very act of treating helps bring us together. Sharing this love is what unites us over ice cream and heartache, from Halloween to Easter. That’s why we work with local communities and small businesses across the world to create a positive and kinder place to live and treat.

Here’s a slice of the work we’ve been doing:
Baileys is dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion so that everyone is portrayed equally and fairly across our marketing and advertising communications. In partnership with our communications agencies we’ve been committed to break the bias at every level of production and planning, from cast to crew in TV ads, social media and beyond. Read on to find out how we’ve executed this commitment.
Treating each other properly starts with how we treat our employees. We set out to provide a working environment that allows people to bring their authentic selves to work, is flexible to their personal lives and supports them to reach their ambitions and goals. The number and diversity of our employees allows for a vast diversity of thought, experience and talent that fuels the growth and innovation we’re dependent on in each of the 153 Baileys drinking countries.
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Diversity & Inclusion: Treating Each Other slider image