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The Baileys Cows

On the farms

Treating the Planet: Sustainability testimonial image
“Baileys was the first customer to speak to me about sustainability over twenty years ago”
- Joe Hayden,
Baileys’ cream supplier
One of the most important places we can improve our impact on the planet is on our Baileys supplier farms. Read on to find out how we’re continuously improving.

One of our dairy suppliers: The Hayden family farm

Since 1865, the Hayden family have run a successful farm, thanks to their ethical farming rituals alongside a long-term focus on sustainability, biodiversity and animal welfare. To help his herd relax during the milking process, Joe even plays music to them, that’s a tip that’s been passed down through the generations (in the past the cows would be sung to at milking). Think of it as cow meditation.

Treating the Planet: Sustainability testimonial image
“I've been milking cows here for over 44 years - my children reckon I’ve milked at least 3.5 million in my life (so far).”
- Joe Hayden,
Baileys’ cream supplier

Becoming a more sustainable farm isn’t easy; it requires time, work, and investment. But speak to Joe or any of our dairy farm suppliers and you’ll quickly see it’s all worthwhile. Many of them inherited their farms from generations before them and will pass it down for generations to come, which is why sustainability and taking the best possible care of the land is at the heart of everything they do.

All of Baileys' commitments are part of the Diageo Society 2030 Spirit of Progress Plan
More information on Tirlán “Living Proof” Sustainability Strategy & Commitments can be found here