‘Love Everlasting’ Ending Explained: Do Bridger and Clover Fall in Love?

Love Everlasting Ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for ‘Love Everlasting’, a romantic film directed by Rob Diamond, a director with plenty of experience in the TV movie space. The film stars Lucky Blue Smith, Emily Procter, Christie Burke, and Shawn Stevens. The film is a classic romantic story between two teenagers who bear the scars of their past in the open. The two will find solace in one another and try to live through a pretty terrible high school experience. Of course, the rapport will quickly turn into a passionate love for each other.

Although the movie has a very rough start, as the story progresses, the film becomes quite a charming and classic love story. It is very strange to find films like this nowadays. Most big romantic movies have to go the route of the romantic comedy genre, but ‘Love Everlasting’ tries to move into the classic romance novels that are still being sold today, like warm bread. In this regard, the movie feels like a breath of fresh air. However, the execution of the piece leaves some things to be desired, especially regarding character development and how easily some things seem to come to the characters. It is indeed one of those movies that make you exclaim, “That happens only in movies.”

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for ‘Love Everlasting.’ Read at your own risk.

Do Bridger and Clover fall in love?

The movie begins immediately with an intro that could only be described as rushed. We all love when movies go straight into business, but there is a correct way to do this and also a bad way to do this. Sadly, ‘Love Everlasting’ goes for the wrong version and a scene that should come as hard to watch ends up being quite hilarious.

We see our main character, Bridger, a young, slim blonde man, being abused by his stepfather. Bridger’s mother, Helen, arrives and hits the man in the head. She then gathers her stuff and tells Bridger to do the same. In seconds, they are out of the house and on the road in their old truck.


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This intro tells us that Bridger has had a bad time in life. However, the entire setup of him getting abused by his stepfather, or maybe it was just his mother’s boyfriend, and then the escape comes off as quite rushed. The situation seems extremely weird, especially when we start meeting Helen as a person; she is a gorgeous woman, smart, and with good instincts, so why would she be with such an animal? It makes no sense, but mother and son leave and get ready to get by with the money they have, which isn’t much.

Love Everlasting Ending Explained 3

Their truck malfunctions, and they must stop in a town far from where they started. There they meet Will, the local mechanic. He explains the truck’s situation, but Helen and Bridger don’t have the money for a full repair. Will understands their situation and offers them a place to stay while he tries to sell the truck to the local scrapyard, so they can at least make some money on it.

Mother and daughter accept. They are given an old trailer to stay in and receive it with open arms. It just needs some cleaning, which they do.

Will receives the mother and son at his home, and there they meet Clover, Will’s daughter. She is very shy and doesn’t speak to Bridger for the first few days. Bridger enrolls in the local school, while Helen is interviewed at a local restaurant to become a waitress there. Will vouches for her. We learn that at school, Clover is being bullied by other kids. Bridger steps in and defends her, but she doesn’t know how to be grateful to him. Bridger also makes friends with the workshop teacher, Mr. Baker. They both love bikes, and so they become fast friends. While they don’t talk that much, it is clear that both Bridger and Clover like each other.

What happened to Clover’s face?

Why is Clove being bullied so hard at school? It seems more cruel than usual for this kind of situation. We learn that while spending a night out with some friends, one of them, Bo, has a gun, and while playing with it, she shoots the gun, which hits Clover in the face.

Bo was expelled from his position on the football team, and Clover was left with a huge scar on the left side of her face. Her so-called friends blame her because the situation resulted in Bo being expelled from the team. This already tells us they are bad people, and Clover is better off without them around her.

Bridger learns this story from Mr. Baker, who then leaves so Bridger and Clover can have some alone time. Clover finally gathers the courage to thank Bridger for standing for her at school. Bridger tells Clover they all have scars from their past. She says metaphorical scars don’t really count in her case. It is then that Bridger shows her his chest, and we learn that he had a heart transplant when he was little.

However, it seems that recently his body has begun to reject his new heart, so he gets tired easily. Clover feels Bridger is a kindred spirit and allows Bridger to see her face scar. Bridger thinks she is beautiful, and they kiss.

Love Everlasting Ending Explained 2

For the first time in a long time, Clover is happy once again. Bridger and Clover become officially a couple and will spend most of their time together in the coming weeks. The same happens with Helen and Will, who are clearly in a relationship at this point.

Bo has also made Bridger his target after defending Clover. So, when graduation finally comes, Bo and his friends assault Bridger in the bathroom. Mr. Baker arrives, hits the students to defend Bridger, and calls for an ambulance. The attack leaves Bridger unconscious, and his heart grows weaker and weaker.

Clover, Helen, and Will spend time in the hospital, hoping for Bridger to come to. When he finally does, Clover is incredibly happy, and it seems like Bridger is happy, too, because he asks for her hand in marriage. She accepts. Seeing underage teens getting married is weird, but both parents are happy with it. The ceremony happens, and the entire family finally goes to the ocean, where Bridger always wanted to go. Bridger and Clover spend the night together, and everything is good.


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However, Bridger wakes up early and goes outside to see the sunrise at the beach. He sits down in the sand and dies right there. Clover finds his body when she wakes up. The movie ends with a time jump to the future, where we see a baby girl in the swing. This is Bridger’s and Clover’s daughter. He might be gone, but his love for Clover still lives.